Wednesday, 20 July 2011

100-word story

Can a story be told in as short as 100 words? And what if it is made in exactly 100 words excluding the title?

What follows is a succinct endeavour to enthral.

                                          Lipstick strikes

I stood on a bridge over a river when I discovered that I was in front of an underworld don. My boyfriend had kept me in the dark so that I deliver this dodgy package. I didn’t want to die or get raped.

Smiling sweetly, I made a call.

‘Hi honey, package delivered to this gentleman at 67 kimberley avenue. But why on earth did you ask me to report him to police?’

My mobile then fell into the river.

The don swore my ex-boyfriend.

And the reason I dropped my mobile is I had made this call to 999.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Newton’s 10 Laws

In a comic morning the hazy spirit of Sir Issac Newton revealed to me the remaining 7 laws;

Gentlemen of Physics, accelerate your pen on paper now.

Newton's 4th Law of motion [quite literally!]:

Every eating action eventually has only one reaction.

Newton's 5th Law:

The loss of width in any corner of the room is directly proportional to the increase in your body width.

Newton's 6th Law:

Every woman in a state of shopping tends to remain in that state unless an external door is applied on her.

Newton's 7th Law:

Every man in a state of uniform peace tends to remain in that state until an external force of marriage is applied on him.

Newton's 8th Law:

The relationship between your remote control m, your acceleration a, and the applied body movement F is F = PATHETIC!

Newton's 9th Law:

The relationship between your mobile phone chats m, your busy bee look b, and the real fact of life R is R = LIESTYLE!

Newton's 10th Law:

The sense of direction you empower on the person in front of you in a queue is exactly proportional to the sense of surrender you show to your flight's hijacker.

By the way...

My 1st Law:

Let Newton's spirit forgive me [and the readers too!]